WitH tHem~adikakaksaing!~

 Today is weekend!

 so long i cant go outing.. heheheeh

so today..

in the morning..

clean my room ;p


ready to go to Baitul Qurra

for Kuliah Dhuha

there has council understanding

from al ustaz Zulkifli

so many things i get from there ;)

This is kak nani and ain

Gstt sisters and pengajian agama sisters..

Im lucky to know them ;)

There are very sweet to make relation cause improve each other ;)

We are not same age, but we have same aims.

Be muslim teacher!
Spread the love,spread the knowledge ;)

This is hidayah..
;) my mathematics sis..
Im proud of her..
She is veri independent..
Even she is alone, she still survive . ;)
 I love her so much! Keh4 ;)
Her roommate also.. lalalalala ;p
And other mathematic sisters.

this is.. kak odi,siti,amal,mirah,kak ni..

my classmate ;) 

I luv them!


jamilah is late..



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