Kevin is the story about a boy who are very cleaver but he don’t happy with his life. It is because his mother so strict with him in every aspect. My respons on this story is maybe quite negative.  As mother, she is responsible to take care her son but not to become cruel to his emotions. As future teacher I cant accept the way Kevin mother train him to make sure he success in his study. Its ok to make him be discipline and systematic person, but there should have tolerate with them. Not only Kevin listen what his mother want but his mother never accept what Kevin want. The example like, how Kevin mother  lies his son to give him some present if he get 95% and above in exam, but when Kevin request something that not in the list of what her mother want, she just do anything without think about Kevin feeling.

            Im very worry if there have a lot of mother like this, if this not be corrected and spread to community, our next generation cant be like what we want in our  education philosophy .There will affected the boy! Maybe when Kevin become adult, he cant be  independent and can not make decision when he face problem. Its because from child, he only memorize about the fact for exam, because that our education system value our student. Then, for daily life, he can’t do anything because before this only her mother make decision for him. He maybe cannot be matured as his colleague. He also become  dejected person because don’t has the stable emotions. Even his mother show that she love him like kisses him before sleep and  ask him to sleep when she look Kevin so sleepy, but actually its only the completing of  physical. But for mental, she gave a lot of pressure to her  son. I don’t think my student will enjoy  his life, his study if her mother like Kevin mother because they not study for want to know or enjoy it but afraid of his mother. 

I hope to all mother not do like Kevin mother do because there have a lot of long term affect to her son, and also their relationship even Kevin will be success in his study. But he maybe not success in his life cause of this pressure. 

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