I believe a lot of people have facebook as their medium to contact with others.

and me

also have story about facebook..

Befora I has the permanent one now

I was delete 3 account of FB

I start created facebook account when in semester 2 in foundation


I was addicted..

so to calm down it

 I just deleted it!

my first fb account  is `merpati terbang`

until know.. I also confuse why im use the name

all my friend call me merpati terbang at my campus

im not comfortable with that...


then my second account..


bingka ubi...

u know what is bingka ubi??

its name of food ;p

but it also cant coherent to long..

I also delete it cause of some problems..


from my lot of experience (chewwahhhhh)

on using facebook

im ready to create new account...

Mierah was created it for me...

before we go for BIG in semester 1 for pismp

and the account functioning until now

and I try to dicipline my self to used it smartly...

for me

facebook is medium for me to know the world

update new issue

read something for academicians

I like to add someone that can give me something

like knowledge


everyone use FB for different aims

and I dont want to blame them

what they want to do with their fb

even copy paste anyone status or idea

as hope want to spread the truth

not for  anyone praise..

when i see FB

somethime I want to delete it



I think again

why I use FB

what pro n cont about it to me

and lastly..

I just ingone the parasit2 around me!

USE FACEBOOK with controlling emotion okies!

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