Scout GirLs - We Learn sOmethinGs

for the first time
I wear scout uniform..
and I am Scout girl! ;)


we learn how to sport trained 
and now..

lets picture tell yours

me with aida ;) 

the others mathematicians..

so excited to start our class ;p

they are people of pismp maths country..

they teach me..
a lot of things..

about life..

this is CT ana,jamil and ya..

 if they 
absent in our class..

i dont think..

there has something exciting to make us laugh ;p

skuad!!!!!ready!!!!! ;)

other class..

but we share our life here together..

this is future ustazah..

last picture for today.

at the middle..

ayu with innocent face!

she never seen like this before..


im really enjoy my life ;)

with them..

When there has sun..
there also has storm..

but its a part of life..

just face it..
dont facebook it ;p

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