PenCiL= SpiRit

and good evening..
for the first time, I write my blog in English..
owh.. I only get Band 2 for my muet..
so shy to do this..
maybe it come with a lots of mistakes..
but because my madam ask me to do this..
opppss..not me.. but us..
its ok madam.
I will try...

why I talk about pencil and spirit?

let picture tell you

from her..

she is my best friend forever..

miss Nurul Faratihah binti Ibrahim...

I meet her in my holiday..

so long I can not met her..



the story start..

Before CNY..

I lost my favourite pencil...

I lost my spirit also (because other things)


she gave me this pens...




my special pencil

I will take care for this ^^V

I like it SO MUCH!!..

and the other things..

her reservation..

before we separate agains..

and I come to campus ;)

with new mood..

new spirit!! ;)

Thank To God sent her for me ! =)

ps: sorry for all mistakes.

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